Whole Wheat Couscous – This Little Gem!

A bowl of cous cous

Can you remember the last time your kids had couscous? It is actually a very underrated and useful ingredient to have in your store cupboard… I particularly like the whole wheat variety as it is more nutritious. Kids often take well to couscous because it has a natural, mild flavour. The biggest plus of couscous is that it only requires a kettle a mere 2 minutes to cook! Couscous is a good alternative to pasta and perfect for when your kids need food ‘now’!

Here are some ideas…

Mix a spoon full of pesto through your couscous once it is cooked or a handful of raisins, toasted almond slivers and a few chopped herbs – yum!

My gorgeous friend Vix likes to roast veggies such as red onion, garlic, pumpkin, courgette, tomatoes, peppers etc..) in cubes and mix them through to make a colourful, rainbow style dinner. Vix often serves this with lamb chops.


Whole wheat couscous

Boiling chicken/vegetable stock or boiling water


Add your desired quantity of couscous to any bowl and fill with boiling liquid to cover with approx 1.5cm deep of extra liquid (depending on bowl style). Cover immediately with cling film until all the liquid has been absorbed – usually approx. 2-3 minutes.


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