Yoghurt Berry Pot

Fruit Yoghurt Pot

I am a big fan of variety, balance, eating what you enjoy and using up whatever needs to be eaten, so adapt this however you like! A yoghurt berry pot will charge you up and nourish your body ready for the day ahead.


Plain full fat, natural yoghurt/Coconut yoghurt (dairy free)

Puffed quinoa/puffed spelt etc…

Chopped unsalted nuts – toasted or un-toasted

Fresh fruit

Frozen or fresh berries

Seeds: chia/sesame, pumpkin/sunflower etc…

A drizzle of raw honey


  • Toast any nuts you want toasting
  • Chop any nuts – careful of allergies and giving young children nuts. Always supervise.
  • Add all your ingredients to your bowl and enjoy!

Tips: Create your dry nut and seed topping mixture once a week and store in an air tight container in a cool place.

How kids can help

  • Ask your child what they would like for toppings
  • Ask your child to add their ingredients

It is totally delicious and sets your little ones right up for the day!



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