Yummy 5 Minute Paleo Balls

These high protein paleo balls make such quick and simple snack. They are packed full of goodness and taste divine. Trust me – they will disappear fast!


90g Dates – pitted

50g Hazelnut meal/almond meal

25g Pumpkin seeds (pepitas)

25g Chia seeds

25g Sesame seeds

1.5 tbs Tahini

1.5 tbs Nut Butter (I love almond, brazil and cashew rather than peanut)

1 tbs Coconut oil


  • Add all the ingredients to your whizzer. Blend until a paste.
  • Squeeze into balls.
  • These are soft, so great for younger children. They will harden up if you store them in the fridge.

Options: If you prefer other seeds just try substituting to create your perfect bliss ball. 

How kids can help

  • Ask your helper if they have any favourite seeds they would like to use
  • Ask your helper to help weigh out the ingredients
  • Your helper will love squeezing the mixture into balls

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