Efficient Shopping Tips

Shopping whether we like it or not is a necessity..and kids certainly increase the amount we consume. Lets make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Here are my top shopping tips for efficient shopping and buying the best quality:

1) Buy when items are on offer – Portion and prepare, then freeze.

For example, frozen fruit are great in a smoothies and marked down organic meat is significantly cheaper making it more affordable.

2) Buy local produce – It has travelled fewer miles, so better for the environment, it is usually fresher and it also supports local businesses – all these things make it taste so much better.

3) Make a shopping list before you leave – Minimise those impulse purchases and save time browsing the aisles.

4) Read food labels – As a guide, try and select food with as few ingredients as possible! Compare food labels, the differences can be amazing. Look for items that are:

  • low in saturated fat
  • low in trans fat
  • low in sodium (salt)
  • low in sugar
  • avoid artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners

5) Involve your kids with the entire process – Ask your kids if there are any special fruit or vegetables that they would like to buy? Encourage them to select the produce and put it in the shopping basket. Ask them to help take the shopping out of the basket at the check out. Your child may even like to carry a bag – great helpers!

6) Order bulky kitchen items online – For example paper towel, washing up liquid, cleaning items etc…

7) Bulk buy non perishable goods – Only if you get a better price and if you can squeeze them into your cupboard!

8) Buy fruit and veggies as regularly as you can so that they are lovely and fresh – Pick up and feel the produce and think about ripeness and when you plan to use them.

9) Try and shop early in the day – There are fewer people for your kids to disturb and the shelves are usually better stocked.

10) Keep your shopping list realistic so it can be a fun experience

11) Keep a snack up your sleeve for the kids 

Food shopping is important for kids to learn how to select good quality produce and see the variety of food available to us. You could even challenge your older child to cook a meal and buy the ingredients within a budget!

Happy shopping! x

PS Don’t forget to take your re-usable shopping bag


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