Cooking Methods – Back to Basics

Cooking Methods – Back to Basics

Sometimes I find myself cooking the same meals, in the same way…  I love going back to basics and being inspired, it is so refreshing…

Here is a little reminder of different cooking methods. Perhaps it might get you thinking how you can cook something you love differently:

Poaching – requires no fat for cooking and leaves food succulent and fragranced. It can easily be flavoured by adding ingredients such as stock, garlic, bay, rosemary, thyme, vegetables and spices. A great low fat option.

Steaming – a great way to preserve nutrients as they are not diluted in any water or fat. For a better result it’s a good idea to invest in a steaming  tray. (Applying direct heat to food in contact with the bottom of the pan can makes them cook unevenly, even burn.)

Stewing – food is cooked slowly in liquid. A really good method of cooking for red meat (for tougher, cheaper cuts in particular).  It takes time but produces a wonderful, melt in your mouth result. Be sure to add your fresh veggies at the end to preserve their goodness.

Grilling – only a small amount of fat is required and let’s face it, crispy golden bits do taste good! Great for food with a larger surface area.

Barbecuing – A fun social method of cooking. Bring it on when the sun shines and there are a few mouths to feed.  The char-grilled crispy bits taste great but it seems to be unclear between scientists how bad they are for us! We love it because it’s fun, reminds us of summer and is so simple.

Roasting – The food is cooked more evenly and you can leave it to do its thing while you play with the kids. A controlled amount of oil is required. Be careful to keep the kids away from the the oven – surfaces can get very hot!

Shallow frying – frying in a small amount of oil in a pan is not the healthiest option but does taste delicious. Makes cooking quick and easy.

Deep fat frying – need I say more… but I will say that in our house we like to think a little of what’s bad does you good every now and then!

Happy cooking x




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